Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mrs. Chandramathi S Rao
Mother, whether she is from a rich family or poor family, her love towards her children is one and the same.  May be, when talking about bringing up a child, there may be difference in qualities of dress, education, food, residential atmosphere etc., that's only because of the availability of money and not because of any difference in mother's love towards her children.  

Late Mr. S Seetharama Rao
When late Mr.S Seetharama Rao, was rich, he has donated his major portion of his earnings, to poor people and public charitable trusts, which suits a saying in Kannada, "Kereya neeranu, kerege chelli.....", meaning "Spilling the pond water, to the pond". Whatever he has earned from the society, he returned it to the welfare of the society. In the business he was cheated by his trusted people.  The loss he incurred at the time, will run in to crores of rupees at the present rate of rupee value.  In the land reforms act of the government, the lands belonging to him were declared as land for the tiller. At the time, Mr. Rao's eight children are very young.  The financial position was very bad and in those hard days, no one came to his rescue. He had to spend on clothings, food, education etc., for his children and because, his wife, Mrs.Chandramathi S Rao, had saved some jewellery, she could able to manage the family thoughtfully without the help of others.   As a mother, Mrs. Chandramathi had struggled a lot to look after her young children. 

Mrs. Chandramathi, has studied middle school only. Even though, one of her son is not well settled in life, she sold her gold ornament and donated Rs.1,00,000=00 to Nemmadi Shri Lakshminarasimha Trust (R), Bangalore, a public charitable trust, for which she is the founder trustee. She always thinks good about other people.

The word MOTHER itself is GREAT. Mother is mother only, there is no replacement for the mother. There are mothers, even without giving birth, has shown mothers love to children. Some woman, by adopting a child, became mothers.

When talking about mother, we call the earth as mother.  We call the nature as mother. We know Mother Theresa.  We call our country as MOTHER LAND.  These all shows that, how great the word "MOTHER" is!!!!! 

There are hundreds of poems & film songs in various languages on mother.  One of the film songs in Kannada language starts as, "Amma....., Amma....., Ammaa....., Nannamma.  Naa Amma Yendhaga Yeno Santhoshavu, Ninna Kandaaga Manakeno Aanandhavu". This is the first line of the song.  Here "Amma" means "Mother".  The meaning of the full song is, "Mother....., Mother....., Mother.........., my Mother!  What a happiness, when I say Mother!  What a peace of mind, when I see you!  Seeing Mother's affection, God hided himself somewhere!  For Mother's patience, Earth stood silently, bending her head in shyness!".  This eternal beautiful song is sung by the legendary playback singer Dr. P B Sreenivas for the legendary singing superstar  Dr. Rajkumar, who has acted in dual role in the film "Bhale Jodi".

Now a days, many children are admitting their aged mothers or fathers or parents in oldage homes due to various/different reasons and the parents are made to worry throughout their remaining part of life.  Whatever the good environment or facility may available in the oldage homes, the parents would like to stay and live with their children.  It is very unfortunate that, the children forget as to, how they were brought up by their parents from the day of their birth to their present day, that is today.  They forget their mother's sacrifice & pain in bringing them up as a man or woman.  Memories, whether sweet or sour, keep on haunting the mind in oldage.  This disturbs the senior citizens at oldage home very much.

The children who admitted their mother (or father/parents) in the oldage home, even if they are well qualified and educated are "Learned fools".  They don't want to know or understand the feelings of the parents.  Such children should understand that, they also become aged one day and there is no escape from death.

When other children looks after their mother (father/parents) well, with love and utmost care, why the mother or parents admitted in oldage home to be deprived of such love & care?  It's not that all the parents who live at their homes with children are happy.  There also problems exists.

Finally, I request the children who left their mother or parents at oldage home, to bring them back home and make them happy in their life.  Then only you will be called as a "Gentleman".

S Krishna Murari